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WebHols was launched in 2016 as an offshoot of our total resource product eTrim, which contains modules for Access Control, HR, T&A and Asset Management.

The vision was to enable small to medium sized companies use digital technology to revolutionise the way they organisations leave planning.

Using our resource planning expertise we created WebHols - one of the very first leave planning SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications on the market.

With it's 24/7 support centre in the UK, WebHols has clients across the globe.


WebHols has one main objective - to revolutionise the leave planning process in an efficient and streamlined way.

If you're thinking that all sounds great but you really don't have the time to set this all up, then you're in luck. WebHols will put all of your staff data from a simple csv file into the planner so you don't have to waste hours typing all this information in. What's more, we do this free of charge.

One of the most powerful features of WebHols is the flexibility to meet the exact requirements of an organisation's structure. With our multi-entity functionality, we can cater for even the most complex international configurations.

For every organisation and every division, WebHols provides a truly global solution to fully manage employee leave.

Security of our clients data is paramount so you won't see customer logos on this site, and if you use WebHols you won't see yours here either. This is an extra security measure to protect against targeted attacks on client data.

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