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Cloud based solution

Cloud Based

All staff can access WebHols from their computer, tablet or mobile anytime thanks to our Cloud system which is available 24/7.
Easy to use

Easy to Use

It's simple. No more bits of paper, no more endless emails about leave, and importantly no more accidental overbooking of leave.
Global scope


WebHols is international and will automatically recognise local holidays in your location and incorporate them into you staff leave planner.

Six simple ways that WebHols can improve your leave management

Variable Rest Days
One of the most unique features of WebHols is the ability to store and to work with variable rest days.
There is an ever increasing number of staff that do not work a standard Monday to Friday week, variable rest days are vital in this situation.
Interdepartmental Leave Planner
The WebHols interdepartmental leave planner automatically updates across departments in real time.
Variable Holiday Units
Another unique feature of WebHols is the ability for staff to receive holiday in variable units. In most cases staff will be allocated holiday in days, however in some cases e.g. part time staff, holiday may be allocated in hours.
Check Outstanding Balances 24/7
Staff can check their holiday status at any time, avoiding the need for anyone else to provide this information.
Leave Request Validation
WebHols cross-checks every request for outstanding leave balance and staffing levels. This makes sure staff have enough available leave, and departments or groups have minimum cover during popular holiday periods.
Leave Confirmation
Staff are kept up to date of their leave decisions with an automatic email.
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